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Camponotus auriventris

Camponotus auriventris

     This is a large black Camponotus that has an attractive greenish metallic sheen on its abdomen.

     The workers are between 6 - 8 mm and the large majors are between 8 - 10 mm. Unlike many species, the first major workers are produced when the colony is still relatively young. The queens are 12 mm in size and found colonies independently.

     Unlike many other Camponotus, this is a day-active species, preferring to do most of its foraging during daylight hours. They will take a wide range of food including sugary secretions and dead insects.

     It is a soil-nesting species and can remove a copious amount of earth in constructing its deep nest. The chambers have to be deep underground to protect the colony from the strong mid-day sun. Nests usually only have one main entrance which is guarded by the major caste.

     This species is very easy to keep and they take to artificial nests very quickly. They can be kept at normal room temperature, although a form of spot heating will speed up their brood development.


     Summary: An easy-to-keep species that is a good size, day-active, and will take a wide range of food.


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