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Camponotus camelinus

Camponotus camelinus

     Previously called Formica camelina.


     This is a new recent addition to our stock. It is a large impressive species. They are a black-grey color with a coating of hairs on the abdomen which gives them a glaucous golden color in bright light.

     The workers are 8-9 mm, and there is an impressive major caste at 12-13 mm. The queens are much larger at 16-17 mm.

     As yet we do not have any further information regards their natural habitat, nesting preferences, or colony foundation.

     Interestingly when exposed to natural light, unlike many species which go a bit wild and start dashing around, these just tend to freeze making observation very easy.

     They seem quite easy to feed taking sweet substances and small amounts of protein like dead insects.

     Something new to try!


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