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Camponotus irritans

Camponotus irritans


Camponotus irritans

     The workers of this species are 6 - 10 mm in size and an attractive light golden-brown colour. There is also a large major caste that is around 10 - 12 mm, darker in colour with a black head.

     The queens which are 12 - 14 mm found colonies independently. They prefer to dig out a foundation chamber in old wood which is easy to carve out, but will also utilize other sites such as hollow bamboo, crevices between bricks, and even old hosepipes. Only one queen is present in a colony.

     This species is most active at night. They take a wide range of food, but are particularly fond of honeydew, and will form trails up into trees to tend and defend their herds of plant suckers.

     Colonies can grow quite large and as they increase in size will form several sub-nests at various locations usually near their food sources.

     They take to captivity very well and although mostly active at night, in low light conditions they will forage during the day.


     Summary: Recommended as a good species to try if you are just starting to keep exotics.


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