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Polyrhachis proxima

Polyrhachis proxima


     This is a medium-sized species with workers between 7-8 mm. Their body is a greyish color but they are covered with hairs that give them an attractive golden sheen. They are a day-active species and to protect them from being eaten by predators such as birds or lizards, they have several pairs of sharp spines on their thorax which are defensive.

     They have distinct queens that are notably larger than the workers at 10 mm. The nuptial flights are in the early rainy season and the queens found colonies independently. Mature colonies are not very large consisting of a few hundred individuals.

     They live in harsh environments and are quite adaptable to artificial environments, but require warmth and humidity. Unlike many Polyrhachis species that nest above ground on trees, these are ground-nesting so will easily take to most types of artificial nests.

     They will take most foods inc sweet substances, and dead insects.


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