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Iridomyrmex anceps

Iridomyrmex anceps

     This is a small dark brown/black ant about 3 mm in size. It is a vigorous fast-moving and aggressive species that overrun new habitat very quickly and will attack any other species in its territory even including the aggressive fire ant.

     They prefer to nest in open exposed warm spaces where they will actively dig out a deep underground nest. The main nest is usually about 20 - 30 cm below the ground; however, they will frequently mass the mature brood near the surface where the warmer temperature will speed up its development.

     Single queens which are 6 - 7 mm in size are capable of independent colony foundation, and once the first workers emerge the young colonies grow very fast. As the colony increases in size, it will accept additional queens.

     Mature colonies are very populous and have long trails leading between several different nest sites. Other foraging trails often lead to bushes/trees where they farm and care for sap-sucking insects. They also actively hunt for other insects. Their fast speed and quick recruitment of workers to any food source mean they usually outcompete other localized species.


     Summary: An easy species to keep, that will take most foods and will breed very quickly.


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