Known scammers

Dont deal with them.
Let them wander the digital wastelands - alone and unwanted!


Past scammers

     Over the past ten years we have compiled a long list of people who have tried to dishonestly obtain stock from us, or received stock and then tried to cheat us out of payments.  

     We feel other prospective buyers / sellers should be made aware of these people so they can treat any impending / requested transactions by them with utmost caution.

     However, as we have just constructed this new web site, we have decided to just list those that have tried to scam us over the past few months.

     As our terms and conditions now tend to discourage potential scammers very few are now trying, and those that do fail. However this leaves them a bit upset and in retaliation they will do their best to spread malicious rumors about our business. To counter this we are now going to openly name and shame these pathetic people.

     From November 2020 to January 2021 there were only two notable scammers:

     Mr Mathew Smith (Matt Smith)

     from Brickley Lane, Devizes, in the UK.

     He originally wanted to use his PayPal business account to pay for some colonies, and wanted the goods sent to his private home address. This is a well-known trick used by scammers, as it would have rendered PayPal’s 'sellers protection guarantee' invalid.

     As a precaution we informed him that to proceed with the order we would only accept payment by one of our approved methods. Everything seemed fine and the colonies were posted and arrived okay.

     However, shortly after the goods had been delivered, we received notification from PayPal that his payment had been frozen. Apparently, he had submitted a claim wanting his money back - stating his PayPal account had been hacked, he had not made the transaction, and knew nothing about the purchase. Not the brightest of people, as the online tracking clearly showed delivery was made to his home address, and we had numerous emails from him stating he had placed the order and had received the colonies in good condition.

     After we submitted the required information to PayPal and they had investigated, the claim was nullified, and we later heard that his account with them was closed, and he was banned from using PayPal for attempted fraud.

     After further investigation it also became known he was on the blacklist of three other sellers for various attempted scams.

     We strongly advise you do not deal with him!

     Our second scammer goes under the name of Elvijs Lemon.

     The name given on the PayPal account he tried to make a purchase with is Bella S and the address given was:




     Co Clare


     Using an account in someone else name (family or friends) is a common ploy of scammers. It is also a sign that PayPal will not give them their own personal account because of previous problems.

     Taking into consideration his behavior and actions we decided not to proceed with his order. We refunded his payment in full, stating his order was cancelled. Having been unable to succeed with his scam he then became extremely abusive, to the point that he was sending us five / six emails daily with various threats.

     Notably this person has since been found to be using several different fake names, which is also another sign of a potential scammer. His aliases found so far are Andrejs Dark and Aldeen Maguire.

     Again we strongly suggest avoiding any dealings with this person.

     Our first ‘scammer warning’ for this year!

     Kevin Liu

     Stannage Ave


     California CA 94706

     United States

     Using the PayPal account of Xiamei Song

     This person placed an order with us on 6th June and due to my concern with various aspects of the order I decided to decline it, and his payment was refunded.

     There were several reasons why we declined the order:

     One was that the PayPal account was in the name Xiaomei Song, but delivery was requested to Kevin Liu. This is a typical action of a potential scammer as it renders PayPals ‘sellers guarantee’ invalid. Never send goods to a different address than that shown on the PayPal account.

     It can also mean that the buyer cannot get his own PayPal account, which is usually because they have been blacklisted by PayPal over previous illegal activities.

     Another concern was when we replied to the email address given on the Pay Pal account, Kevin Liu said nothing was received and he was unable to respond to it. This further suggested the account was not his. We have since reported to PayPal that this account may have been compromised.

     Then: after we declined his order, as ‘proof of his impeccable standing’ in the community, he provided us with three pages of good reviews from buyers who had purchased from him, although his shop name and all other identification etc. was blacked out. When we queried this, he said it was for security reasons.

     On checking further, we found that these reviews were not from his customers as claimed, but from another shop in a different country, and he had simply copied their review pages and claimed they were his.

     In reality this all seems to point that our course of action in declining this order was well justified.

     The potential buyer was very upset and abusive after he was told his order had been declined. Normally we would expect a simple ‘never mind we will purchase elsewhere’ response. His agitation would seem to indicate that he is having problems purchasing from sellers, and he is probably well-known in the ant community for his attempted scams.

     Anyone buying from or selling to this person are very likely to have problems, with a high chance that you will either lose your money, or not receive any goods you pay for.

     We strongly advise that you do not deal with this person.

   For future reference!

     All attempting scammers are blacklisted and their details sent out to other sellers, and hence also added to their blacklists.

     Update: for  February, March and April 2021 - We are happy to announce that we have no additions to our 'scammers list'.