News and updates

Last year

Despite the global pandemic, the resulting lockdowns, its effects on people’s employment and the postal delays, last year was very good regards sales, and we had a large increase in orders.
However, there were many prospective customers that were disappointed that the species they wanted had already sold out, resulting in many prospective orders that we could not fulfil. Because of this and the overall increase in demand for our colonies, we spent the winter months expanding and upgrading our ant house. We now have more space to work with, which will allow us to hold many more colonies - and hopefully enable us to satisfy more of our customers’ requests.


Our web site

We had originally planned to put together a new web site over the summer with the aim of changing over towards the end of the year, however circumstances required that we had to do this rather quickly over the past few weeks.
Our existing web site utilized a ‘flash based web page editor’ and some of you may know that ‘Adobe’ stopped supporting their Flash Player on December 31st, and blocked all Flash content from running in Flash Player from January 12th. Although our web site design company had ample time to prepare for this, when flash was finally stopped, they had still not upgraded to a non-flash editor, resulting in their customers being unable to change anything on their sites. Their promised upgrade is still continuing and although some basic functionality has returned, we can still not update the main text on any of our pages.
Needing to update our site as a matter of urgency, we had no option but to bring our plans forward and migrate to another non-flash based web site design company.
A pleasing bonus with the new site is that it has enabled us to upload videos under the individual species descriptions. The move has been a slightly rushed job, but will improve over the next few months as we have more time available.


Species for sale

The species listed on our shop page are ready for sale now. We have other different species in captivity which are still settling down / being quarantined, which we will release for sale soon.

We will also have a good selection of new queens plus termite pairs available when their flights start, which is usually after the first rains in late March / early April.

The season is starting again. This will be our twelfth year of trading, and hopefully we will have some interesting species to tempt you!