Ants of Thailand

Ants of Thailand

     This book has just recently been published (November 2020), and is the first comprehensive book on the ants of Thailand. It has quickly become the main reference book for all serious ant keepers / researchers in Thailand.

     Unfortunately, the text is in Thai. However, the photographs make the book. Each species listed has a full-length photograph of the ant from the top and side, and a close up of the head, along with a known distribution map and size.

     Over 350 different species are listed. Many of the species catalogued will also be present in adjoining countries such as Myanmar, Cambodia and Malaysia.

     This book is an ideal field guide for those of you visiting these countries.

     The book is 22 cm x 15 cm (8.5 x 6 inches) in size, has a hardback cover and over 500 glossy pages.

     Note: There are some online translation programs available - which you can use to translate the text.