Pheidole sinica

Pheidole sinica


     This is the largest Pheidole species, it is easy to keep in captivity, breeds quickly, and takes a wide range of food – making it suitable for those just starting to keep exotics.

     They are dark brown to reddish brown in color. The queens of this species are a good size at about 12 mm and dwarf the smaller workers that are 4-4.5 mm in size. There is also a major caste which is about 8 mm in size.

     Queens establish new colonies themselves after flights and in time the colonies will grow to around 2000 individuals. In their natural habitat, larger colonies will form several sub nests which are used to quicken the recruitment of workers to nearby food sources.

     Workers are continually patrolling their territory and as soon as a scout finds a food source it returns to the colony and almost instantly a mass of workers/soldiers will stream out of the nest at high speed to secure the food. They are very aggressive and will attack anything that they can find.