Polyrhachis abdominalis

Polyrhachis abdominalis

     These are black in color and resemble a slimline form of P. armarta.

     The workers are 7-9 mm in size and the queen just slightly larger. They are day active, foraging on trees and along the ground. In the wild they seem quite adaptable and although their natural habitat is undisturbed forest they can also be found in mature gardens and recreational parks.

     Like many other Polyrhachis species they create nests out of chewed up plant debris woven together with silk from their larvae. They prefer to nest under loose bark or in pre-existing crevices in wood, usually on large mature trees.

     They take a wide range of food including secretions from plant suckers and any dead insects they can find.

     An interesting feature of this species is that the large mature larvae are a greenish color.