Polyrhachis dives

Polyrhachis dives

     Workers of this species are 6-8 mm in size and brown in color with an attractive golden sheen banding on their abdomen. They are an active species and quite aggressive, especially when their nest is disturbed.  These ants have good eyesight and if you prod their nest, they will charge out of the entrances and take up a threatening stance supported on their back legs.

     Queens are 8-10 mm and can found colonies independently. They will often raise their first brood in a curled-up leaf, but once they have about 50 workers, they will start to create a carton like nest. Once established colonies will readily accept new queens back into the nest, and mature colonies can contain between 2-3000 workers and 10-20 queens.

      They build arboreal carton type nests made from pieces of plant debris, held together with silk spun from their larvae. The nest is usually located low down attached to the stems of plants / shrubs in thick vegetation. In captivity they will also build their nests attached to stones and pieces of bark. To observe them constructing their natural nest you will need to supply them with substrate debris in the form of dried grass, wood shavings, moss etc.

     They are easy to feed and accept most food offerings readily taking dead insects and sweet substances.

     They look good displayed in natural habitat set ups. Ideally their outworld / habitat area should be landscaped with a shallow layer of humus covered with various plant debris, and landscaped with small branches, which they can climb and where they will construct their nest.


     This is a popular ant well suited to captivity. They breed quick, are easy to maintain and take a wide range of food. However, they are also good at climbing and escaping their enclosures!