Polyrhachis mitrata

Polyrhachis mitrata

     This is a very attractive species with a jet-black thorax / head and bright red abdomen. The workers are about 6 mm in size, and the queens slightly larger at 7 mm.

     New queens form colonies on their own, and they will create a nest between overlapping leaves in low growing shrubs / trees using their larvae to bind the leaves together with plant debris.  

     Mature colonies are quite small and usually have between 100-200 individuals.

     They are easy to feed taking sweet secretions from sap sucking insects and any other dead insects.

     They like a habitat landscaped with branches to forage along, and with an artificial nest suspended off the ground.

     This is a species we have not stocked before, so are still learning about it ourselves, - but it seems to be quite easy to care for.