The Ghost Sellers

The Ghost Sellers

     After discussions with other ant sellers and hobbyists, we have decided to identify the sellers who operate online shops and are selling to the public without giving their business address or other direct contact details. There is a lot of concern in the industry that deals with these 'ghost shops' is fraught with risk and this needs minimizing.

     This disclosure of their true contact details is hence aimed as a service to the ant-keeping community. If you have problems with any goods you buy from their store and they have simply blocked you from contacting them, you will be able to contact them directly to discuss the problem, or I am sure they would not mind if you called around personally to resolve the problem. You will also have an official address to give to your legal representative to pursue the matter.


     So for those of you who have had problems with these shady dealers – for a full report on our first and most notorious offender, simply send us an email with the subject title of ‘ghost seller’.