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Minimum order amount.

Minimum order amount.


Minimum order amount

     We have been receiving a lot more orders than we are able to process - which has resulted in a backlog of orders. To help us in getting up-to-date with the number of colonies that need preparing and posting out we have decided to implement a minimum order amount, which will remove many of the smaller orders. This is because even the smaller orders take time to prepare, pack and post, and the profit on these small orders is minimal. By doing this we will have more time available to ensure the larger orders are prepared and packed according to our high standards.

     Our apologies to potential customers wanting just a few queens or a single small colony, but hope you can understand we are very busy and just do not have the available time to process all the orders we have been receiving.

     Hence: The minimum order amount is now 100 UK pounds. This amount is the amount of stock and does not include postage!


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