to the premier exotic ant store.

Established in April 2010.

Specializing in supplying exotic

tropical ants and termites.


We are the trades leading supplier of

high quality exotic queens and colonies.

We innovate - others imitate!


  Buy with confidence

       Healthy strong stock, from an knowledgeable seller, who has over thirty years of ant keeping experience.

    * Our business aim is to offer for sale a selection of exotic ant / termite species, - for hobbyists of all levels from beginners to experienced keepers.

    * We have over thirty years of ant keeping / research experience behind us, - originally in European species but also with twenty years in exotics.

    * Our shop has now been open for eleven years, and the range of species we can offer for sale is increasing each year.

    * All the colonies / queens we offer are collected and kept by ourselves, and not purchased from other suppliers, - so we can guarantee that they are all healthy and fertile.

    * Colonies are carefully maintained under stress free conditions, and regularly checked to ensure they are free from pests and disease.

    * Our colonies are all sourced ethically, - with the aim of utilizing stock that would have otherwise been lost to natural predators or environmental dangers.