Acanthomyrmex thailandensis

Acanthomyrmex thailandensis

     This is a rare species that was only described in 1995. Its distribution seems limited to north west Thailand and it is not found anywhere else.

     It has a true queen and a worker and major caste. Queens are 6 mm in size, normal workers 3.5 mm and majors 5.5 mm.

     In the wild they have been found nesting in cavities inside dead twigs and wood, under the bark of fallen branches and on occasion in the ground under a protective cover such as a fallen log or small stones.

     Colonies are only small with about 100-200 individuals. New colonies are formed by female alates which disburse by nuptial flights. Queens can establish colonies individually or group together to found colonies. Usually there are 1-3 queens in a colony.

     We are feeding our stock on a sugar / water mix along with small dead insects and small seeds. It is reported the large majors use their jaws to grind up collected seeds. Being a small ant that has small colonies they will not require much food.

     We are quite pleased how this species adapts to captivity and think in time it will become a well-known captive species. At the moment the supply is very limited but we are trying captive breeding which should in time provide us with many more colonies.


     This interesting species is adaptable regards its environmental conditions, and has good potential as an easy exotic species to keep in captivity, which has the added benefit that it does not require much space.