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Important - Please read prior to ordering.


Please ensure you read our 'terms and conditions' prior to placing any orders. If you place an order it is on the understanding that you are accepting our terms as stated.

Due to the widespread operation of 'scammers' resulting in the risk of reclaimed payments, all customers will now be asked to pay by a bank to bank transfer or via PayPal ‘Friends and Family’. If you are not willing to send payment this way please do not place an order - if you do your payment will be refunded.

Please email us prior to placing an order - to confirm availability of what you want, discuss the method of payment, and arrange an agreeable posting date etc.


  Buy with confidence


     Healthy strong stock, from a knowledgeable seller, who has over thirty years of ant keeping experience.

    * Our business aim is to offer for sale a selection of exotic ant/termite species, - for hobbyists of all levels from beginners to experienced keepers.

    * We have over thirty years of ant keeping/research experience behind us, - originally in European species but also with twenty years in exotics.

    * Our shop has now been open for eleven years, and the range of species we can offer for sale is increasing each year.

    * All the colonies/queens we offer are collected and kept by ourselves, and not purchased from other suppliers, - so we can guarantee that they are all healthy and fertile.

    * Colonies are carefully maintained under stress-free conditions, and regularly checked to ensure they are free from pests and disease.

    * Our colonies are all sourced ethically, - with the aim of utilizing stock that would have otherwise been lost to natural predators or environmental dangers.