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Important - Please read prior to ordering.


Please ensure you read our 'terms and conditions' prior to placing any orders. If you place an order it is on the understanding that you are accepting our terms as stated.

Due to the widespread operation of 'scammers' resulting in the risk of reclaimed payments, all customers will now be asked to pay by a bank to bank transfer or via PayPal ‘Friends and Family’. If you are not willing to send payment this way please do not place an order - if you do your payment will be refunded.

Please email us prior to placing an order - to confirm availability of what you want, discuss the method of payment, and arrange an agreeable posting date etc.


Important Information regards sales

     If you want to place an order, please email us first. Let us know what you want and where you want them posting to.  We can then confirm availability, arrange the payment method and discuss an available posting date.

     Due to the large number of orders, we have been receiving recently we have decided to reintroduce a minimum order amount. Initially we will set this at 50 UK Pounds. (Stock value - not including postage). The reason behind this minimum order amount is to discourage those orders that are just for a single queen etc. All orders are appreciated, however the profit on such orders is minimal, yet a notable amount of work is involved. Hopefully this minimum order amount will reduce the volume of smaller orders, and give us more time to concentrate on preparing and shipping other orders, within an acceptable time frame.

     We have also decided to remove the reservations option - as customers are abusing this service. Some customers are placing orders, and then stating they cannot take delivery at the moment, and asking us to take care of the colonies for an additional 3-4 weeks. This involves a lot of work and within that time frame some colonies can increase substantially in size. Hence customers are ordering smaller sized colonies at a lower price, then expecting us to ‘grow the colony on’ and send them a larger colony at the same price. More importantly for us it also blocks space required for our new stock.