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We are closing for our winter rest on the 31st October

We are closing for our winter rest on the 31st October


     Our shop is now closed for our winter rest - it will open again next March.

     This hibernation period has worked out very well for us in the past, as many of the countries we send stock too have a notable winter at this time of year with low temperatures. This makes sending parcels slightly riskier, with a higher chance of colonies arriving dead, due to the parcel being exposed to cold conditions somewhere along the transport route. We aim to supply high-quality colonies, carefully packed, which will arrive in good condition, and sending colonies at this time of year can cause problems due to the unpredictable weather conditions.

     We will be resuming trade again in March.


     After a very busy productive year, we are now looking forward to our three-week holiday - when we will be joining a botanical expedition to Borneo and Papua New Guinea. And hopefully while the other members are looking at the plants, we will find some interesting ant species.


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