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Camponotus maculatus subsp. Subnudus

Camponotus maculatus subsp. Subnudus

Common name: "The Asian Spotted Sugar Ant"


     The normal well-known form of this species occurs in South East Africa. However, this attractive subspecies is found in several SE Asian countries.

     The queens are about 12 mm in size and have yellow stripes/dots on their abdomen and a reddish-brown thorax and head.

    Queens found colonies independently and mature colonies are reported to have up to 10,000 workers. There are both normal and major forms of workers which vary in size from 6-10mm. They are an aggressive and very active species vigorously defending their nest and territory against any potential threats.

     In the wild, colonies are often found in open-canopy forests and areas of grassland alongside the forest. The nests are constructed in the ground often beneath stones or pieces of wood.

     They will take a wide range of food but especially like the secretions of sap-sucking insects and will form trails up trees to obtain these. They will also take almost any dead insect they can find.

     They tolerate and thrive in a wide range of temperature/humidity conditions so keeping them in captivity is quite easy.

     They are however slightly temperamental during colony foundation, and the queens will often eat their first brood if disturbed - hence we recommend buying young colonies to ensure success.


Summary: We don’t usually stock many Camponotus as there are so many different species, we only stock what we consider to be the more interesting species.

     We offer this as it is very attractively colored, easy to keep under a range of conditions, and a good size.


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