Myrmicaria brunnea

     This species natural habitat is open sparse forest in mountainous areas; however, it is quite adaptable and can also be found in fruit orchards and at the edge of cultivated farmlands.

     They create nests in the ground. Colonies only have a single queen and range in size from 3-5000 individuals. When their nest is disturbed, they will become quite aggressive fearlessly attacking any intruder.

     They eat dead insects, fallen fruit and sweet secretions from sap sucking insects.

     Workers are a chestnut brown color, and about 5-8 mm in size. The queen is similar appearance but larger at 12 mm. This species common name derives from the fact that it has an arched appearance holding its abdomen curved downwards.

     The alates are a similar size, and flights occur early in the morning. They will mate on bushes / ground, after which the queens will dig out a chamber to establish a new colony.

     They are easy to keep in captivity and will take to most types of artificial nests.